Solitaire Classic

Klondike is a patience game (solitaire card game). Many people refer to Klondike as patience or solitaire, it being one of the better known of the family of patience games. We made this game available for you, play it on your Android phone or tablet right now!

Monkey Memory Test

American scientists proved that Monkey especially Chimps have better short-term memory than humans. They used very simple game like this one. When the numbers 1 through 9 appeared randomly on a screen and then disappeared, the chimpanzee was able to recall the exact sequence and location of each number.

The Christmas Adventure

Christmas time is here. Help Santa to deliver presents to good kids. At first, you will learn how to fly on Santa's sleigh and if you make it, you will get 3 missions: Deliver Presents, Fly fast and Collect Snowflakes


The goal of the game is to fill 60% of the area while avoiding the bouncing balls. Touch the screen to create filler ball. It will continue to grow until you release finger or run into another ball. Every next level is harder and harder and... Enjoy :)


Do you know Sudoku? Ok, who don't. :D And what about Colordoku? It's the same logic-based puzzle game but instead of number you are using colors. This small change make it even more exciting.

Air Control

In this cool game, you are the only one who can make all those airplanes land. Use your fingers and guide them to their airstrips and save hundreds of lives. Be careful not to crash them!

Hold The Button

Balloon Pop is easy and funny mobile game. You have one minute to get the best score. Tap the balloons and earn points, but be careful, don't tap everywhere, not all balloons are the same. Some of them increase your score and some of them don't. Have fun!

Ballon Pop

Goal of this game is hold the button as long as you can. Just touch the button and hold it. Do you this is's insane? Yes! Do you think it's pointless? Yes! Do you wanna try it? Yes!

Minesweeper Classic

Minesweeper is well known single-player puzzle video game. The object of the game is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine. Did you know that the game originates from the 1960s and has been written for more than 80 computing platforms?

Pets Quest

Pets Quest is type of match-3 game. Swap adjacent pets to make set of 3,4 or 5. Bigger sets makes bigger bonuses: line and row clearing, explosions, area clearing, etc.. Watch out your time is limited, you must be quick!

Antistress Bubble Wrap

Feeling stressed?

Need a break from everything?

This Anti-Stress Bubble Wrap app can help you! This application lets you wrap bubble everytime & everywhere. If this doesn't make you feel less stressed nothing will! :-D

Math Games with Kitten

Math Games with Kitten is education game for Kids. Your mission is to solve math equations and thereby protect kitten against bad dog. Every time you correctly solve the equation, dog will be moved away from Kitten. But if you wait too long, or you make a mistake, the dog comes nearer to Kitten.

Multitouch Test

Every android device can handle different number of simultaneous touch events. This App allow you to find out the multi-touch capabilities of your device.

Nature and Relaxing Sounds

Nature sounds are good for human body, better sleep and mental health. If you are not in the nature you can listen this sounds via this application.

Sudoku Solver

Do you need help with sudoku? Here you have application for solving every sudoku. Just enter the given numbers and click solve. You will see the results immediately.

Ideal Weight (BMI Calculator)

This app is a free BMI (Body Mass Index) and Ideal Weight Calculator.

You can calculate your Body Mass Index to find your ideal weight based on age and gender.

About me

Hi, my name is Juraj Kusnier

I'm young independent developer from Slovakia (It's in Europe, if you don't known). And that's the main reason why most of my games is also available in Slovak language. If you wanna help me with translation to another language or you wanna tell me some constructive criticism don't hesitate to contact me by email: JurajKusnier (at) gmail (dot) com :)

I don't have much time right now so I will be brief.

I do mobile games in my free time as my hobby. I started making mobile apps during my studies at colleage. My first apps was in pure Java only for Android. It takes me a lot of days to learn how to make it right. And finally good news for apple users :) Nowadays, I am moving also on iOS and all my next application/games will be available also on Android and iOS.